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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marcia Henschel of Ridgecrest California (James Monroe Primary)

Marcia Henschel of James Monroe Primary school 1955- 1958 is alive
and well in Perth, Western Australia, now Marcia Helene Hewitt.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chooks in the Suburbs by Marcia Helene Hewitt

Isa Browns in the Suburbs

Do you remember the song “Sweet Georgia Brown?”
The fun of chickens in the suburbs will have you singing
“Sweet Isa Browns” when you collect large, tasty eggs each morning with generous yellow yolks.

Chickens (chooks, as we call them here in Australia) are wonderful pets and children adore them! After a hard day at the office it is very relaxing to watch these golden brown fowl wander around the garden, finding small bugs and invisible micro food.

Pullets are only 15 dollars here in Perth. The young hens quickly adjust and become part of the family, even making friends with
cats. They don’t need the entire yard and can live quite happily
in about a 4 meter square area, provided that you provide plenty of good food and compost for them.

Our three hens love to wander in the front and back garden, raiding the compost heap, nestling in the shade of a fern and putting dirt on each other’s backs.

Chickens earn their keep. Our three hens are hard at work fertilizing our newest vegetable garden and even scratch in the
blood and bone, dolomite powder and generally get rid of all
the couch grass for us.

Our children used to collect the eggs each morning (this is Victoria Park in Western Australia) and make pancakes with us.

Hormone free eggs are a wonderful dividend of having your own
chicken pets in the back garden.